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Set Up Your Own Brand-See2Know

Set Up Your Own Brand

See2Know offers a range of powerful tools to help you create your own brand. You can not only promote your courses in See2Know's huge users base, but also spread your courses to the whole internet. You will build your own fan base.

Share Your Knowledge-See2Know

Share Your Knowledge

Every corner of the world always has a group of people who are looking forward to your sharing. Come and share your knowledge, experience, skills on See2Know.

Make Money Online

What you know is valuable: teachers are earning constant income by sharing their knowledge, experience, skill on See2Know.

Make Money Online-See2Know

How to Create a Course?

Let's Kick Off
·Pick a course subject
·Title your course
·Select knowledge category
·Describe your course in detail
Add Curriculum

You can:

Upload:videos; slides; PDFs; documents like word, excel; audios; pictures; zip files, and more. You can even write lecture directly on See2Know
Import media:from YouKu, Tudou, YouTube
Organize: just a few drag and drop to sort your contents into chapter and lecture.

Publish and Promote

Price: You are the one who decides the price for the course, you can even offer the course free.
Publish: Broadcast your course to the whole world on See2Know.
Promote: Together with Facebook, twitter, email, take advantage of the powerful promotion tools on See2Know to promote your course.
Interact: Keep in close touch with learners through your course's discussion board, and See2Know mail system. Build your fan base, you - will be a Shining Star!

So easy! It will take you just a minute to learn how to create a course on See2Know.

If you haven't started to create your first class yet, you can keep learning more about it, or you can take a look at how other teachers are doing on See2Know. And if you have further questions, you can also contact us directly at

In addition to simple and easy to use, See2Know also offers a series of powerful tools to help you create, publish and promote your courses.


Create Course

Upload video, audio, PDF, slides, Word, Excel, zip files, pictures, etc.

Organize Course

With the chapter editing tool provided by See2Know, just a few steps of drag and drop will organize your course into great shape.

Set up real-time live class

See2Know live video classroom provides you with the capability of face-to-face communication with learners. This live video classroom offers a rich set of powerful features, such as video conference, whiteboard, slide show, document sharing, text chat, desktop sharing.

Video and Slide Fusion

Video and slide fusion tool can mash up your video and slide, and synchronize video playing with slide show. Slides will switch automatically based on the video playback time you set, and if you switch the slide, video will accordingly play from the playback time set by you. This fantanstic tool make your course looks like you teach the class in person.

You Own Your Course

You own the intellectual property of the courses you create and publish.

Learn While Moving

See2Know leverages the cutting edge technologies to support a variety of mobile smart devices. You can share, browse or learn on See2Know anywhere, anytime.

Publish and Promote

Sell Your Course

The power of pricing your course lies in your own hands, you can even offer free course.Before publishing your course, you may do a final tune up on your course.

Promote Your Course

We will walk you through the process of promoting your course. Besides the powerful promotion tools on See2Know, we will also take advantage of Facebook, Twitter, blogs, email, and so on to make you and your courses awared by people inside See2Know huge user base and your social network and out. You will build your own fan base soon.

Keep in Touch Constantly

Message system and course discussion board keeps you in close touch with your learners, such as answering learners' questions, and also provides a platform for learners to interact with each other.

Embed Your Course

To show your courses on your websites or blogs, all you need to do is just to embed into your web pages or blogs a small piece of codes generated by See2Know.

Create VIP Course

Create VIP course which only selected learners can participate.


Improve See2Know Together

Ask for Tailored Features

We fully realize that user experience is one of the keys to succeed, so we are looking forward to any feedback which can help us improve See2Know. If you want some unique features tailored for your course, please feel free to ask for it, we may make it come true for you.





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