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From:South Africa 南非共和国 伊丽莎白港

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Remark:I am a TEFL Certified teacher from a small coastal city in South Africa called Port Elizabeth. I have more than 2 years of working experience as an online English teacher. My working experience has brought me great experience in teaching people from all over the world. The convenience of teaching English online enables me to connect to people anywhere in the world from the comfort of their home or office. Being able to share my knowledge of the English Language is not only an art, but it is a great honor. My experience has brought me into contact with many different types of people, I have taught CEO's of multi-national companies, engineers, all the way down to school children. I am experienced in being able to help a student by setting them goals and then to help them achieve it. My expertise lies in general conversational English, business English such as business correspondence, negotiating skills, social skills, meetings and presentation skills and much more. I have also got experience in assisting students prepare for English tests such as IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC. I am confident in my ability to teach students of all levels from beginners to advanced proficiency levels. I have a passion for languages and I hope to be able to share that with students from across the globe. 我是一名TEFL认证的老师,我来自南非的海滨城市伊丽莎白港。我已经担任两年多的在线英文老师了。我的学生来自世界各地。在线教育提供了便利,使我能够与世界各地的人们接触。能够让他们在自己的家里或者办公室里学习英文。能够与学生们分享我在英语方面的知识,不仅仅是一门技术,也是一种荣耀,使我深享其乐。我的学生多种多样,既包括跨国公司的CEO,公司里的工程师,一直到学校里的孩子们。我们一起设定学习目标,我帮助他们达到目的。 我擅长英语口语和商务英语,例如商务交涉,谈判技巧,社交能力,会议和演讲能力等等。我还特别善于帮助学生备考,例如雅思,托福和托业考试。我对自己教授各个不同级别的学生们非常有信心,无论是初级还是高级的学生,我都有信心可以帮助他们提高英文水平。 PROFILE 个人背景: My peers tend to describe me as a fun loving individual that is goal driven and ambitious. This is true, I am a very ambitious person and strive for excellence in everything that I do. I am dedicated to achieving high levels of professionalism and success. Sport has shown me dedication and has taught me a lot about working hard to achieve a goal. I am an ex South African swimmer where I represented my country in an overseas tournament in England. I won 2 gold medals and it proves that once I have my mind set on something, I do whatever it takes to get to my chosen goal. Although I have not yet traveled and taught around the globe, I have still been able to gain a good understanding of the different cultures around the world and have much respect for people's beliefs. ESL has taught me much about people and life and it has become a true passion. 我的朋友们把我描述成一个乐观有爱的女士,做事有目的和信心。我确实是位非常向上,希望我做的任何事情都倾向完美的人。我醉心于我的专业教师工作并力求不断提升自己,以不愧于学生也不愧于自己。运动是我的另一个热爱的领域,运动教会了我要不懈努力才能达到目的。我以前是南非国家游泳队运动员,曾经代表南非参加在英国举办的国家锦标赛,并赢得了2块金牌。那份荣耀的取得,完美诠释了我的个性,就是要为达到自己设定的目标而拥有不断奋斗的决心和毅力的人。虽然我没有在全球旅游和教学,但我能够很好地理解不同的风俗习惯,并尊重对方的信仰和风俗。ESL带给我崭新的人生,已经成为我生活的一部分。 EDUCATION 教育水平 NDIP Sport Management- I qualified with a National Diploma from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth in 2012. 南非曼德拉大学2012年 运动管理学学位 TEFL- I qualified with a 60 hour TEFL Certificate from i-to-i which is an internationally recognized TEFL provider. TEFL资格认证

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